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At Kouper Health, we are dedicated to improving the transition of care from acute care to the community.

We believe patients need the most support following an acute care episode.

We believe that connectivity between acute, post-acute, and primary care is essential for outcomes.

We believe quality and value will shape the future of the post-acute care continuum.
Transition of care

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Kouper Team? 
We are a team of interdisciplinary experts focused on improving the transition of care experiences for patients, providers, and payors.
Why did you start Kouper? 
We started Kouper because we believe that there is a way to fundamentally help improve access to health care.
Who does Kouper work with? 
We work with leading healthcare provider organizations and select payors.
What is Kouper's vision?
Healthcare is evolving and we want to help create the future of a value-centric healthcare experience for all.
Where is Kouper based? 
We are a distributed team and can meet you where you are.
How can I learn more? 
For any inquires please message us through our contact form below.

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